Saturday, 4 December 2010


It's Saturday! And I found a Star Trek (2009) review by Tiger Beatdown's Sady! I hereby declare Saturday to be "I totally agree with this lady/dude" day.

"To tell you whose would be a spoiler, but I should probably let you know: after several scenes in which Uhura is established as a strong, independent woman who will not, repeat, not be reduced to a sex object, she does in fact end up dating one of the leads. Also, her uniform still doesn't come with trousers."

This article expresses quite nicely what I found irritating about ST:2009: that and the fact the film doesn't, in my opinion, pass the Bechdel test. For shame! "To live up to the aspirations of the series, the movie would have to boldly go a lot further than its source ever did," Sady writes, and I am in complete agreement. For the franchise that bought us the first (or one of the first) interracial kiss(es) on TV to have clung on to the "No Chicks in Space" trope so far into the 21st century is staggering. Let's hope the scheduled sequel makes up for it.

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