Friday, 3 December 2010

Good evening.

In an effort to a) make myself write more and b) add my voice to the ever-growing number of of holy gender stereotypes batman, women who like sci-fi, I have started a blog. Here it is. This is a brief outline of the things I'll be doing if I don't get distracted buying shoes or crying about Sex in the City or someshit:

Mondays - Recommendation Mondays! Short stories, novels or authors who won't piss you off.
Wednesdays - SF/Feminism Wednesdays! (Least. catchy. title. ever.) In which I ramble on about some aspect of a scifi work or fandom (probably female Trek characters for now) and whether or not it pisses me off.
Fridays -  Angry Feminist Fridays! In which I write about something that isn't necessarily sci-fi related but almost certainly pisses me off.

Seeing a theme here. Not quite sure what it is.

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